Samstag, 6. Juni 2015


Victorian Die Cut Scrap Chromo Glanzbilder Oblate BROWN HAIR GIRL WITH DOLL (03/18/2013)


  1. Hello,

    My name is Nathalie Sebayashi and I am a french student (Paris), I am working on the albums made by non professional, in french it is called "album factice". I happened to possess one album composed with scraps of various origine (that I can date between 1880 and 1890), and among them, many chromo-reliefs such as the pieces you exhibit in your blog.
    My aim is to identify the conditions in which a person could use (in a personal way, that is to say quite undetermined way) the printed images and printed ephemera of his time and space; to do so I am trying to find the origin of every item.

    I have found so far that some items came from the Littauer & Boyen factory of Berlin, bought in 1882 by Mameloke & Sohne and Zoecke & Mittmeyer. All of these factories are German.
    As I scrolled many pages of your wondeful website, I found some of the images I have, and I was wondering if you would know where they came from.
    I can give you the link to the album I have entirely photographed, and I have also screenprinted the scraps we have in common.
    I hope that you won’t find my demand too daring and don't hesitate to email me for further informations.
    I wish you a very good day and congratulations for your blog, it is exquisite.

    Best wishes,


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    Website :

    1. I like to help, if it is possible for me. For this I should be aware of your images.
      The pictures on my Blogg are from the period from 1860 to 1920 and many I know its origin. I publish only images that are older than 70 years and therefore no longer under copyright. Send me the link and I'll try to arrange the images.

      Best Regards