Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

Tiere - animal - animaux - Victorian Stickers ~ Glansbilleder > Birds ~ Fugle - Victorian Stickers ~ Glansbilleder > Animals ~ DyrBild einbinden: Monkey Musicians.Musical Frogs.canards,tubesSentimentalia - Victorian Stickers ~ Glansbilleder > Farm Animals ~ Bondegårdsdyr swan clipart by ~jinifur on deviantARTstork Frog Scrap ~ Germany scrap rabbitTUBE Die Cut Bull Horn Buffalo Scrapgiraffe. ANIMAUXTUBE ANIMAUXTUBES ANIMAUX DE LA FERMEpolar bear clipart - Victorian Stickers ~ Glansbilleder > Farm Animals ~ BondegårdsdyrSentimentalia - Victorian Stickers ~ Glansbilleder > Animals ~ DyrSentimentalia - Victorian Stickers ~ Glansbilleder > Farm Animals ~ Bondegårdsdyr - Victorian Stickers ~ Glansbilleder > Circus ❤ liked on Polyvore Spotted Bunny ImagePigs at School.Marjolein Bastin - Coq et PoulesVictorian Scrap Girl with SheepVegetable Street Seller.Children153Victorian Die Cut
 Elephant Children Sailor Boy Girls Dress ScrapLittle lambs eat ivy...VintageAnimals49bactrian_camel ink illustration stipple


  1. my swan you've stolen amongst countless other images

    1. I really do not understand your behavior and your choice of words is insulting and antisocial. However if you want it like this so you can have it.
      You make yourself really ridiculous and disgrace yourself with your idiotic Posts on my Blog!!!
      You should know, actually, the following:
      Pictures they are older than 70 years are for everybody free to use. There is not any more a own right to the picture - also not for you.
      This is internationally an approved right!!!
      I myself have the swan - ebay bought - and have exchanged. Now my swan is published and not more "yours" although you surely have no right on this picture! It is from 1910 and freely to the use for each.
      If you make once again a comment and insults and untruthfulness with me says I will know how to defend myself.
      If you have a concern you can come up any time to me, however, in a civilised tone.